Comodo Apartments Ltd is continuously looking for rental apartments in good condition. We are mainly interested in apartments in Helsinki area and Tampere.

When renting your apartment to Comodo Apartments, you will gain a trustworthy and long term tenant. Comodo Apartments will take care of your apartment in a professional way. It is in our highest interest to keep the apartment clean and in good condition. When renting your apartment to Comodo you will secure a stable rent income for your investment. Operating with Comodo Apartments is easy and convenient.

The Finnish law of renting (Laki asuinhuoneiston vuokrauksesta) will be applied in the rental contract between the landlord and Comodo Apartments.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further inquiries.

Comodo Apartments Oy
Mannerheimintie 38
00100 Helsinki
Helsinki region: +358 (0)10-4704380
Tampere:  +358 (0)10-4704388