Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki welcomes many visiting professors every year. When John Paul Broussaurd, Associate Professor of Finance in the Camden School of Business, moved to Helsinki with his wife Rae Ann Broussard, they wanted to find a fully furnished apartment in a lively neighbourhood with lots of good restaurants nearby. 

When moving abroad and looking for an apartment, getting help from someone who knows the local life is important. When Professor John Paul Broussaurd and his wife Rae Ann Broussard decided to move to Finland, Comodo's Nellie Nyberg helped them find the perfect apartment. 

– Comodo helped when we needed a furnished apartment for an extended stay. Although we had visited Helsinki many times, we had never lived in the city. Comodo's extensive selection of available apartments allowed us to evaluate numerous living arrangements, and the professionals responded quickly to all inquiries. Combining Comodo's professional market experience with cordial personal assistance helped us make a decision with confidence.

The Broussards were excited the explore the Finnish way of life and booked a regular time to use the sauna in their building.

Also, additional services, such as extra cleaning every other week, brought a bit of luxury into their life in Helsinki.

– The personal attention followed the move-in, which made our stay most pleasant. We highly recommend Comodo when searching for a furnished apartment in Finland.

Moving to the Helsinki area or Tampere for work? 

When moving to Finland for work, Comodo's high-quality fully furnished apartment makes you feel at home. You can find all our apartments online. If you cannot find an apartment that suits your needs, please send us a message and we'll do our best to find you a new home.