Lumi Kokko started working for Comodo Apartments a little over a year ago. This small but growing company has given her a great deal of responsibility. Developing the customer experience is a passion of Lumi’s. Now Lumi will tell us about the work she does at Comodo. 

Lumi, what does your work at Comodo entail?

All kinds of things! I start my morning by checking what’s going on within the company: which apartments need maintenance and which customers are coming to pick up their keys. Then I check the calendar, reply to messages, and start on my daily tasks.

Our CEO, Johanna Latvala, refers to me as a guardian because I make sure that everything works as it’s supposed to.

Since last autumn, I’ve been involved in building and developing our new enterprise resources planning system. We decided to adopt a new system in order to allow our customers to carry out tasks such as booking our temporary apartments online. I enjoy working with customers, and it’s nice that I can also develop the customer experience at the process level. The adoption of the new system will reduce manual work and leave me with more time to engage in my favourite task – helping customers.

What is the best thing about your job?

I’m a problem-solver by nature. Instead of wallowing in problems, I immediately start thinking about how to solve them. The best thing is finding solutions. When a family moves out of their home due to the plumbing being rebuilt, for instance, I check the sauna hours for their new apartment and consider ways in which I can help them feel as much at home in their temporary apartment as they do in their own home.

When a customer of ours came to Finland with their child for a short visit, they were looking for a two-room apartment near good transport routes, within a certain budget. Instead of a two-room apartment, I decided to offer them a one-room apartment in the city centre, located next to a playground and near services. They were very pleased with the solution, had a pleasant stay and thanked me when they left. It’s these successes that bring a smile to my face.

What would you like to do at Comodo in the future?

I’m studying marketing while I’m working. At Comodo, my role will grow and develop at the same rate as my own skills. I’m currently considering our marketing strategy, keyword advertising and social media. I focus on how we can also serve customers via other channels. I’m already giving these things a great amount of thought now, and I intend to invest more time in them in the future. If you have any requirements regarding the services being offered by your accommodation service provider, please contact us and together we’ll think of a suitable and tailored solution! 

Contact Lumi and the other employees of Comodo using this contact form when you need a temporary apartment. You can also make a reservation online