It all starts with values

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We always have time for a cup of coffee and a little chat. We are empathetic. We appreciate our clients, our partners and each other. For us, people are people, not resources. 

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We pay attention to details โ€“ both in our apartments and in our service. There's always enough glasses and forks in the kitchen, and your good night's sleep is definitely not ruined by lack of high-quality curtains โ€“ even during the midnight sun!

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We don't just rent apartments. We give a welcoming feeling to a person moving to Finland for work. We provide a family whose home is ruined by water damage with a feeling of safety. We love what we do and do it with pride! 



We have at ourselves. We speak well of others. We respect our clients and ourselves. We are always honest. It's ok to feel and show it! 

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Always learning

There's a solution for everything. If we don't know how to do something, we learn. Each member of our team goes to training and develops herself. We ask for feedback: how did we do today?

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So what?

Values guide all our actions. They create the cheerful and diligent Comodo spirit. 

Our story

Achoo! Another cough and flu. 

Johanna Latvala travelled often for work and spent a lot of time in air-conditioned hotel rooms. Also, her skin was irritated by the strong chemicals used for cleaning. 

I wish I could feel more at home when travelling for work. If I could cook my own food and live where the locals live? If I could have more space for my evening yoga? And I could do the laundry whenever I want to.

Travelling for work could be much more comfortable, Johanna thought. Inspired by the idea Johanna rented out her own furnished apartment temporarily for a university researcher. A few months later in January 2007, she started Comodo Apartments.

Now Comodo offers a wide selection of high-quality fully furnished apartments in Helsinki region and Tampere.


We are always looking for people who share our values and passion for accommodations and customer service. 

Please send your application to