Comodo's fully furnished apartments can be booked now also online. Comodo's CEO Johanna Latvala is excited about the recent development.

– Customer service has always been our strength. Online booking is one way to improve our service level. Now our customers can book their fully furnished apartment any time of the day, anywhere in the world. And we still pick up the phone, you can call us anytime, Latvala says and smiles. 

For many clients online booking is the most flexible booking option. In the near future companies with cooperation agreements can sign in to the system and find their booking data easily. 

Comodo is a flexible partner

Comodo's fully furnished apartments are available for a week, for a year or for an undetermined period. 

– Many of our customers don't know how long they need the apartment for and that is why we offer also flexible rental agreements with a short term of notice. The type of agreement can be chosen when making the booking.

You can also reserve additional services such as extra cleaning or key pick up the the airpot in the new and flexible booking system.