Comodo is known for its centrally located high-quality apartments. Partner Nellie Nyberg knows how to choose apartments that suit the needs of temporary living and meet the standards of Comodo's customers. 

When Nellie Nyberg chooses apartments for Comodo, the most important factor is the central location. Also, the apartment needs to be in a top-notch condition. 

โ€“ I choose apartments that are either new or recently renovated and that have an efficient floor plan. Our apartments are located in the city center or within easy reach from services. 

Nyberg loves details and she examines each potential apartment carefully. When she visits the empty apartment for the first time, she makes sure everything works. If the apartment meets Comodo's standards, she measures the space and makes a list of furniture. Then she makes sure the apartment has a the wireless internet connection and electricity. Then high-quality furniture is brought in. 

โ€“ I have furnished apartments for Comodo for almost ten years. I listen our customers and get a lot of feedback! My interior design check list is pretty flawless by now, Nyberg says with confidence and smiles.

But as the living standards evolve, so does the check list.

โ€“ Continuous development is even one of our values! Each time I visit an apartment I think how I could make it even better than the previous one. 

Visiting or moving to Helsinki area or Tampere? 

When visiting or moving to Finland, Comodo's high-quality fully furnished apartment makes you feel at home. You can find all our apartments online. If you cannot find an apartment that suits your needs, please send us a message and we'll do our best to find you a home.